« Parcours » is back online

After some time away, Parcours is finally back, in streaming or downloading, it’s up to you! Thanks to the services of Le Bananier bleu and Music Diffusion, the major retailers are of course present (Amazon, iTunes, Deezer…) but the list is much longer than that. And if you have your habits elsewhere, look, you might be surprised! Abroad, Parcours is available via Yandex (Russia), Xiami (China), AWA (Japan), JioSaavn (India), KKBox (Taiwan), Anghami (Middle East), Rhapsody/Napster (USA), etc.

Among our little favorites, there are of course BandCamp, as well as the Afro-Caribbean platform Spinlet. Finally, if you prefer the physical one, the CD is always available at le Bananier bleu’ store. Put on your headphones!

With Lionel Louéké, at the New Morning, last Thursday

Avec Lionel Louéké

I had the pleasure of listening to Lionel LouĂ©kĂ© at the New Morning last Thursday. An evening full of emotion, because it was the first time we had met since the ĂŽloJazz concert in Pointe-Ă -Pitre in… 2013 !! A superb concert, with the Congolese singer Helmie Bellini and her Kongo Square 5tet as the opening act. Lionel presented his new album Gaia there. In anyway, we were very happy to see each other again, especially since Arnaud Dolmen was also there. And then at the New Morning, you always meet old acquaintances with pleasure. And so I was surprised to meet Steve Browman, an outstanding pianist who lived in Guadeloupe for a long time before now relocating to the United States, and Jowee Omicil, a prodigious saxophonist who briefly joined us at a concert at Baiser SalĂ© some time ago. Here are some bad pictures (sorry for the quality)!

Avec Steve Browman

Avec Jowee Omicil

The albums of BĂ©rose at your home

berosemerch600Both editions of the album Parcours are now available for sale online through the BandCamp platform. To access it, follow this link: http://sondo.bandcamp.com/merch. Attention, limited stocks. And be indulgent, we do it the old-fashioned way. So allow three or four days for it to be properly packaged and sent to you. It won’t take more than a week to get to you!

First of all, the first edition published under the name So n’ Do comes out of the bins! Some of the stocks recovered are at the disposal of music lovers. We’re not going to lie to each other, the artwork wasn’t a success. But on the other hand, this version contains the two zouks An Chimen and Sispann PlĂ©rĂ© (instead of Vwazin and Restless Bay), and in my opinion, it is better mastered.

But the latest version of Parcours, under the name of BĂ©rose, and still also excellent (isn’t it!?!?) can be found in your living room within eight days… because you probably have trouble finding it in your favorite record store. So don’t hesitate, it’s just for you!